AG Strategy Group has experience working with senior leaders in organizations from the private, public, and non-profit sectors. 

Case Study #1

Corporate Strategic Communications

AG Strategy Group worked with a Fortune 20 corporation to raise its public profile among decision makers and influencers in Washington.  We led the analytical process to identify the topics that were ripe for unique voices, designed a thought leadership campaign to disseminate those ideas, created the content, and helped place content pieces in third-party publications. 

Case Study #2

Winning Government Contracts

AG Strategy Group worked with a mid-sized, federal systems integrator as it positioned itself and competed for a $200M government contract.  We led the capture phase by collecting market intelligence about the buying agency and competitors while putting the team of bidders together.  Once the agency let out the RFP, AG Strategy Group led the proposal phase and developed the technical and business volumes for submission to the government.  The government awarded the systems integrator the contract three months after the completion of our work, which increased their revenue over a multi-year period. 

Case Study #3

Customer Experience in Government

AG Strategy Group is working with a federal government cabinet-level department to improve its services by integrating human-centered design into their program planning and execution.  This intentional shift requires the department leaders to rethink how an individual interacts with the government and adjust their services and communications, accordingly.  By the time the engagement concludes, we predict the department will have redesigned their services to increase the number of constituents it serves, better meet their needs, and reduce the number of customer service complaints. 

Case Study #4

Building Non-Profit Organization Capabilities

AG Strategy Group worked with a mid-sized non-profit organization to increase the fundraising capabilities among affiliates while improving its operations.  We worked with employees and volunteers to identify the mission and purpose at each affiliate and enhance the fundraising capabilities around them.  The affiliates will report their first year of results in early 2019. 

Case Study #5

Operational Excellence in Government

Over three years, AG Strategy Group advised a federal agency with enforcement authority as it enhanced its strategic direction and improved its operations at offices around the country.  We aligned their strategic plan with their operating plans, and supported the budget process to line up resources with their priorities.  By the conclusion of the engagement, the agency had more budget resources and reallocated those dollars to support its mission while reserving monies to train employees in new enforcement techniques.  These changes resulted in a higher enforcement rate for the agency.